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This page is a creative outlet where ideas that ‘pop’ into my head can live without any particular purpose other than to keep my modeling skills sharp and my mind creative.



EAU is a smart faucet featuring a playful display of water quality to communicate information in a more friendly emotional way rather than metrics and PH readings. It is simply good or bad (note smiley face on display).


spatula Front Render.jpg
Spatula Render.jpg


Tangent is a novelty desk lamp idea I had one morning in October. The head of the lamp is a light ring conducting current through a tangent magnetic joint for simple angle adjustment. Swipe inner bevel of ring to adjust light hue. Turn textured knob for on/off.

lamp explained.jpg
Lamp Head.63.jpg
Lamp HEad Moving.jpg


Cradle is an autonomous concept car for the future of mobility. The suspended hammock works as a gimbal to cradle the passengers around turns when snoozing from point A-B.

hammoc_mobile3 (1).jpg

Logitech Media Remote

This was a concept for a Logitech branded smart home remote and the charging base it would live on.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.11.33 PM.jpg


Tension is a lamp that features two ends of a light bulb magnetically suspended in the center, just about to touch. when the user rotates the glass body, slack is given to the internal cord and the circuit is completed turning on the lamp.