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The goal of kairos was to design a watch that measures the quality of time use rather than the quantity while provoking conscious thought about the task at hand. 

concept exploration

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Two white specs on a canvas of empty black. It is a poetic but subtle representation of the sun and the earth, their relationship defining time as we know it today. The user is not distracted by all the numbers normally surrounding a watch face or information overload from a typical smart watch. The appearance of technology, yet a much needed step away.

Measure the moment

We currently measure the day in 24 hr time periods, conscious only of hours left in the day as it moves onward without halt. Kairos turn's the attention from movement of the day as a whole to movement of each moment, eliciting an awareness of your current state of being. To do this,  a simple timer was implemented as the primary feature of the watch to measure a specific block of time relating to the particular moment in which you currently reside. Users will not view time as minutes and hours, but rather moments and their quality.


As a child there was always something tactually pleasing about the simplicity of clicking magnets together. The clip was designed to effortlessly nest into the band at the desired fit using magnets. The over hanging lip created from the concentric chamfered design allows for the user to easily wedge apart with their fingers for adjustment purposes. 


Its more than a product, its an experience. I wanted the user to have the option to integrate the Kairos brand into their lives on a deeper level by expanding product the system to include a pen and a notebook. 

Beauty in experience

The pairing smart pen is used to input written scheduling into the watch which then prompts the user of each task of the day with a haptic touch and visual display. The pen features a removable battery at the rear which can be charged by docking to a computer where the activities of the day can import and be reflected upon.

Packaging & Branding

As minimal as the concept.